The Process

Guaranteeing a quality product


To guarantee a quality product, the process begins with the meticulous selection of suppliers and raw material like wool and blousse are imported. The carbonization of the raw material is done submerging it in an acidic solution with humectant to eliminate vegetal residues.


The wool mixture is processed in a card to obtain a quilt that will later pass through smaller cards that transform the quilt into wool cones of different grams and size, these are reviewed individually to ensure that they meet standards requested by customers depending on the final product.


The wool cones are felted -ordered shrinking- by ironing, steam and vibration. The wool cones are passed on several occasions by these machines to ensure that the shrinkage is made in both the wing and the cup. The felted cones are washed with hot water in battens to be dyed later. The tinted bells are processed individually to ensure they all to meet the final size requirements.


The compliant wool cones are dried and treated, seeking the specific hardness for each market and stored after being reviewed one by one, ensuring that each one meets the quality control standards. The process ends with the packaging and shipping.



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